Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cute But Deadly

She's cute; I'll even go so far as adorable. But at the rate this child is going she will not live long enough to see her first birthday.

Our darling daughter has learned what the word no means, and she doesn't like it. When said offending word is directed at her, she will - very loudly - voice her displeasure. On a really good day, there are even real tears.

She's also come to some very definitive conclusions as to how the world should be. When the world does not conform to her ideas, such as the cabinet she wants into not opening, she lets us know - again very loudly - of her displeasure.

The terrible twos have started before age one. We are so screwed.

In other news, my co-worker had her baby last Monday - 3 weeks early. Mom and new baby boy are both doing wonderfully, and I'm back up to full time. Kai agreed to babysit for us for 3 hours a day so I can get some uninterrupted work time. Hopefully it's a very temporary situation until she finds full time work, but I have to say - she is fabulous! I've felt less stressed this past week than I have in months!

We are frantically preparing our house for Dan's mom arrival next Sunday. Mostly it's cleaning the guest room, but we're also trying to accomplish some little projects. I have several pictures that have needed to be hung for a while, so we got some of those up. Today we hung a 6' bamboo blind on our deck. It will help block the afternoon sun from coming in the sliding glass doors and hopefully keep the house cooler. I also bought some thermal lined Roman shades for the office. Again, the afternoon sun is brutal coming in there. The shades will hopefully block the light and heat and make that room more tolerable to work in during the afternoons.

Thank you Cousin Michelle for the adorable dress Kendra is wearing in the picture. Both of them you gave her look great! (And she is clutching her favorite toy - "Octi" the stuffed Octopus. Of all the cute stuffed animals she has, the stupid octopus we bought as a joke from Goodwill was chosen as her luvie; her must-have-at-all-times. I've already ordered two more off the net - just in case!)

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