Monday, March 24, 2008

19 Weeks

This is the first (recognizable) picture of our baby!! The first ultrasound pics make him (or her) look a bit like a Lima bean with a big head. I was there and have a hard time picking anything out of the picture. But this one seems very clear. Baby was laying on his back, with the head on the left side of the frame. Good thing we opted to not find out the sex - even if we had wanted to Little One did not cooperate. Despite poking, prodding and shifting, this one was not budging. Sorry Kai, looks like this one already has Daddy's stubborn streak.
As I mentioned, this is at 19 weeks. 20 weeks is the official halfway point, so we've about conquered half of this pregnancy thing!
The ultrasound doc said everything looked fabulous. I'm fine, Little One is fine - all is going smoothly. I have one small, very common problem - placenta previa. It just means my placenta is farther down than it should be. It's extremely common and should go away on it's own in the next 10 weeks. We have a third ultrasound scheduled for then to make sure things have shifted as they need to.


Stef said...

Wow! What a great pic! I'm so excited for both of you. Glad everything is going smoothly!

CaptainCanuck said...

re: pose. i like how the little nipper is already chillaxin' in the amniotic crib, so to speak

Amazingly, this is one ultra-sound where I saw the form even before reading your description