Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Have A Heartbeat

Yesterday was our 3 month prenatal appointment, and we heard the baby's heart beating! What an amazing sound. This little person living inside me, with a heart beating at 160 beats per minute. Doc said I am now into my second trimester. The big news on that is the chance for miscarriage drops from roughly 20% to less than 5%.

Baby stats:

  • Roughly 3 inches long and weighing in at almost an ounce (about the size of a shrimp)
  • Fully formed fetus (we've graduated from embryo status)
  • 10 fingers with fingernails and fingerprints have formed
  • 10 toes are formed, although not as developed as the hands
  • Eyes and eyelids are formed and reactive to light
  • Vocal cords have formed (but aren't useful until air is present at birth)
  • Ears are starting to form
  • Sex organs are fully formed, although they won't be visible for several more weeks

In other news, Marilyn is still in ICU at the hospital and her status hasn't changed much. She still is semi-conscious - she will only respond when prodded several times in a loud voice. The doc is hopeful her mental state will continue to improve, although it is going much slower than any of us anticipated.

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