Sunday, September 16, 2007

12 Days Left

I highly recommend never, ever, EVER selling a house. The stress, work, stress, mess, and stress really take a toll. Did I mention the stress of it all?

My house has turned into a "wander through" zone - inspectors for the city, inspectors for the buyers, gas inspectors, surveyors, insurance inspectors, appraisers, the list goes on. This week I have more people coming as I install new air conditioning and have the furnace repaired. I'm also gearing up for a fight with the city about one of their inspectors' findings.

My closing has been moved up to the 28th - which should be interesting since I've said I'm not leaving the house until the 29th. Ah well - that's why I'm paying Matt. So far things have been amicable between the buyers and me, so I'm sure it will be fine.

Dan comes in the 28th around 11pm. His job will be truck packer/supervisor. I suck at packing, and as evidenced by his move, he excels at it. I hope we see a bunch of you there on the 29th - it will make things so much more enjoyable - and quicker!

Ok - back to the boxes.

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